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Brightly painted sticks crossing each other, providing hanging system for unstretched oil paintings on indigo dyed canvas, all installed in the back space of a 1991 Ford Bronco
ESCAPISM, Bronco Gallery Installation
Oil on unstretched indigo dyed canvas, painted sticks, fabric, yarn, cord and suction cups
Dimensions variable

“Who hasn’t ––sometime––wanted to escape? But from what? To where? And once we have arrived at the good place, is this the end of the desire to move? Or does it stir again, tempted by another image, even if it be that of the the place from which we started ––our old home or childhood? Surely everyone has had the urge to be elsewhere in moments of stress and uncertainty.”
–Yi-Fu Tuan

Juxtaposing natural and homely forms such as painted sticks, colorful cord, dyed and painted fabrics with the utilitarian design of a Bronco SUV (and all the temptation to escape it represents), my installation within the Bronco Gallery is a visual conversation between the function-oriented framework of the vehicle and the intuitive, provisional, and organic structures within.